Olivotto-Ferré, a reknowned Global Leader in the supply of industrial heating and heat treatment facilities in protective atmospheres for both the ferrous and non ferrous metallurgical industries, joined forces with Danieli Centro Combustion SpA., a subsidiary Company of Danieli & C SpA and World class leader in the supply of Heating Systems for the Danieli group of Companies.


The merger of Danieli Centro Combustion and Olivotto Ferrè will extend the range of equipment and services offered to become what can be considered unparalleled expertise in this particular Market Sector and include:

1. Reheating furnaces for long and flat products and pipes (walking beam, walking hearth, pusher, roller hearth tunnel, steckel, rotary hearth, walking beam for pipe reheating, mandrel bogie furnaces)

2. Heat treatment and quenching facilities (walking beam, roller hearth, bell type, bogie hearth, pit furnaces)

3. Annealing furnaces for strip process lines (horizontal/vertical for CGL/CAL, drying/curing for CCL)


The acquisition of Olivotto-Ferrè turns the two quoted Companies into a new force to be reckoned with now able to provide global turnkey solutions to the widest possible market range on continuous, semi-continuous and batch production.